Just For A DayAnnée 16/17
Turn It On Cowboy Losing You P3 Like A Rose Hey Girl Lindi Shuffle Little Wagon Wheel Flobie Slide My Last Day We Are Tonight Indian Sound My Gypsy Queen Ruc's Dream Rock n Roll Is King Rings American KidsAnnée 15/16
Borracho Grande It's Important Lord Help Me Oklahoma Brazil Wanna Be Elvis I'm Coming Home Hands On My Heart She Comes To Me Let Me Off Sadie's Dress Gracias Accueil My Dear Juliet We Only Live Once Greater Than Me Village Rosa Del Mar Thanks A Lot That Summer Love Only You Bring Down The House Angels and Alcohol Come On Down Drinkin'Problem You're Only Young Once Shine Never Gonna Break Only Lonely Good Love Go Think Of You Leti Cha Cha Del Rio Come On Closer Heavenly cha Obsesion So Easy Easy Cha Cha